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Patricia Smith




About 2 years ago I got a package from my daughter saying she found this box with the unsold pendants.  I was happy to see them and loved having a few pieces. 


Then in the summer of 2020 I received another message from Spirit asking that I produce another pendant. This time the message read “Love lights up the World.”  I loved it immediately.  It took me a year before I could get the design that really worked for it.  It is now ready to be sold to everyone.


I can see streams of light filling the earth, and surrounding the earth.  It is true, Love does Light up the World.  Let it Light up your World. It’s a great gift for all ages, both male and females. 


In the 70’s I had a reoccurring dream that kept saying: “Love will Light up the World”.  I was perplexed and I asked a friend what was happening.  She said that Spirit wanted me to make a pendant with those words on it.  I agreed even though I knew nothing about it.  I did create it and sold it for a couple of years in local stores.  

What Our Customers Say?

I absolutely love my new necklace! I wear it all the time and get TONS of compliments on it! There needs to be more love in the world and I love the message! I highly recommend this product!


Atlanta, GA

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